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cervix uteri as in Man. Its mucosa is thrown into vertical and transverse or oblique rugse. In the Chimpanzee the mucosa of the lower part shows several small pockets, and the meatus urinarius opens on to the middle of its anterior wall. In the foetal Gorilla, according to Deniker (44), the meatus urinarius lies in the vestibule. The same arrangement also exists in the Orang and Gibbon as in the Chimpanzee.
FIG.    91.—The  external  organs of   generation in the Chimpanzee,
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External Generative Organs.—It has been shown conclusively by Deniker (44), Bolk (311), and others, that the external generative organs of the Apes undergo a process of atrophy as development proceeds, whereas those of Man increase in size. In all Primates there are at an early period of development two external genital folds which give rise to the labia majora and mons veneris. In the Monkeys these structures disappear, leaving the labia minora and clitoris exposed. In Man